Goals and Next Steps

The Partnership offers the following key goals to realize the San Joaquin River Blueway vision. These goals encourage integrated, participative planning; call for responsible public agencies at all levels to implement the San Joaquin River Blueway; and underscore the importance of education and stewardship to its success.

Goal 1: Build a Coalition of Stakeholders

Reach out to community members, agencies, local land use jurisdictions, landowners, and key organizations with interest in the river’s environmental, educational, cultural, and recreational values to discuss a vision for a San Joaquin River Blueway, and find common ground and support for the way forward. Develop partnerships and pursue funding to plan and design the San Joaquin River Blueway in a manner that is compatible with and informed by the needs of local communities.

Goal 2: Integrate the Blueway into Planning and Policy Efforts

Work with agencies and other partners to facilitate implementation of the San Joaquin River Blueway through ongoing local, regional, and state planning efforts and policy development, and through SJRRP river restoration projects as appropriate. Work with stakeholders to identify and advance Blueway projects that will improve access to the river in the near term.

Goal 3: Develop Educational and Outreach Resources

Underpin development of the San Joaquin River Blueway with a stewardship ethic by providing user guidance, developing educational and interpretive materials, seeking responsible management approaches, and working directly with visitors through programs and other means to promote respect for private property, appreciation and care for sensitive environmental resources, and understanding of the historic legacy of the San Joaquin. Create and publicize a map and guide with information about existing public access sites on the river, including a boating guide for key reaches.

The realization of this vision for a San Joaquin River Blueway is work we will need to do together. We encourage you to help make this vision a reality for our community today and for generations to come.