An Invitation to Participate

Today, the San Joaquin River hosts a sparse, but vital, network of places where Valley families and Californians can experience and enjoy the San Joaquin River. The San Joaquin River Blueway will expand this network of places up and down the river corridor to benefit our Valley communities and our state as a whole. This idea builds upon the efforts of many others to restore, enhance, and make accessible the remarkable natural, cultural, and recreational values of the San Joaquin. Our mission is to share this vision and together go about creating the San Joaquin River Blueway. We invite you to join us.

There are a lot of people from my area [Laos] that fish along the San Joaquin, not only Laotian but Hmong, Cambodians, and Vietnamese ... I love to catch fish, yet we have to protect them. The fish are not only for us, we have to save them for our children and our grandchildren.

Lue Yang native of Laos and now executive director of the Fresno Center for New Americans